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Lisätietoja kursseista puh 040 4114042

Workshop tech instructor Code / Nimi Course price Inc vat, material ext vat Course includes
Intro to tech instructor workshop Entry level tech inst 700,00 + Intro to tech  IG Intro to tech, Ice
Tech 1 instructor workshop Tech 1 instructor 700,00 + Technical Diver IG (req. Entry level tech inst) Tech Deco, Helitrox, TSL
Tech 2 instructor workshop Tech 2 instructor 700,00 + Extreme Exposure Diver IG and Wreck Penetration IG (req. Tech 1 instructor level) Trimix and Wreck Penetration
Tech 3 instructor workshop Tech 3 instructor 700,00 + Extreme Exposure Diver IG and Wreck Penetration IG (req. Tech 2 instructor level) Full trimix and Tech Wreck Penetration
Mine Diver 1 workshop Mine 1 instructor 700,00 + Active status NAUI Instructor
Mine Diver 2 workshop Mine 2 instructor 700,00 + (reg, Mine 1 instructor and Entry level tech instructor)
Tech sidemount instructor Tech SM instructor 700,00 + (req. Entry level tech inst)  
Workshop tech Course Director      
Entry level course director Entry level tech cd Contact  
Tech 1 course director Tech 1 cd Contact  
Tech 2 course director Tech 2 cd Contact  
Tech 3 course director Tech 3 cd Contact  
Tech sidemount course director Tech sm Contact  
Workshop rec instructor      
ITC course Scuba instructor 995,00 + a (kit a590,00)  or (kit b995,00) instructor kit  
STW IC staff 490,00 + leadership & instructor ig (need scuba instructor level)  
ITW Instructor trainerin 700,00 + 995,00 IT/CD material back (need ic staff instructor level)  
CDW Course Director 1050,00 (need instructor trainerin level)  
Upgrade workshop rec      
Instructor Trainer / Course Director Requalification workshop IT/CD Reg 400,00 + 995,00 new IT/CD material back  
Instructor leadership training upgrade code INST-code 50,00 (need master diver and leadership&instructor texbook)  
Instructor upgrade kit upg-kit 120,00 + NAUI Membership 145,00 US